The NSW State Election – What About Mental Health?

The Problems With Having All These Non Government Organisations Is The Problems They Create For Common People.

We see such a long list of the not for profit sector doing the work of the government agencies because they just don’t have enough time and are so over loaded.

Well, I am sorry but if you are paid to do a job then it makes sense you are doing it, if you have a mission statement then possibly you would act under that statement or even under the laws in place.

Perhaps the law could actually be acted on in many instances and other common place problems would not exist in such proportions within our society.

Being conductive to a good society means that all citizens are treated equally and that discrimination is not out of control and indeed is punishable by the current laws.

NGO’s such as the one listed below are the organisations acting on anonymous reporting and freely mention that their work revolves around this activity.

Meanwhile we see Federal and State Government attacking the vulnerable and placing domestic violence victims on welfare cards and blaming the violent behaviour on drug and alcohol addictions paid for with welfare. This shows how victims are placed into categories and further violated by the government.

As the PM jets off to a party for a Liberal Donor $$$$ we are told our lifestyles are too extreme. While he threatens our homes and our very existence blaming and shaming, he holds a glass of champagne up to the Mining Magnates.

Cuts to this service and cuts to that service because poor people use it. Yet the article shows where they get money from and what they spend your tax dollars on, and it is certainly not on the vulnerable or domestic violence victims housing.

Effectively what government has done is hand over responsibility to NGO’s for human services and contracted other third parties to undertake the dirty works, in every department. The agencies hence are not even doing their jobs.

Mental health patients facing cuts to crucial services amid funding uncertainty: experts

Thousands of Australians seeking help for mental health problems face growing uncertainty because federal funding for hundreds of contracts has not been guaranteed after June 30.

Seventy mental health groups, including Mental Health Australia, Headspace, and the Black Dog Institute have written an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Health Minister Sussan Ley.

The letter reads: “We have not received any definitive advice regarding the future of programs.”

“Some agencies have indicated that without this advice, they will have to give staff notice of termination of employment in a matter of days.

“This ongoing uncertainty is causing a huge disruption to organisations and increasingly, deep anxiety amongst the people they serve.”

The National Mental Health Commission has completed a major review of the mental health sector, which is currently with Ms Ley but no date has been set for its release.

One provider, the MindSpot Clinic, already told patients free online and telephone support may not be available after April 15 due to funding uncertainty.

MindSpot is a free service for Australian adults with stress, worry, anxiety, low mood or depression.

MindSpot director Professor Nick Titov said the uncertainty is concerning for both staff and patients.

The service has helped 30,000 people and is seeing 300 to 400 new people each week, half of them from rural and regional areas where there are no face-to-face mental health services.

Registered nurse Angela Govan, based in Townsville, Queensland, was suffering from anxiety and depression when she went online to look for help.

She told the ABC having access to a therapist through MindSpot was a lifeline.

“The counsellor was fantastic … I couldn’t have got through the course without that contact,” she said.

“It made a huge difference and I now have the skills to keep that anxiety under control.”

Funding to be finalised soon: Minister

Ms Ley says the Government is finalising immediate funding arrangements as part of its commitment to give mental health organisations certainty as soon as possible.

“In my consultations with mental health organisations, I have been highly conscious of the need for certainty and we’re committed to working with the sector to continue delivering frontline services to those who need it,” Ms Ley said.

She said the report would be released soon.

Mental Health Australia chief executive Frank Quinlan said the sector needed clarification on funding and hoped the Prime Minister and Health Minister acted quickly to resolve the issue.


What Is Happening Within The Current Mental Health System?

Well they can Schedule you if you really go apeshit.

Then when they realise you are not nuts, just a victim of child abuse or domestic violence, you have to sign a Voluntary agreement.

Then while you are in the hospital they will drug you with something like Seroquel, if you are allergic or have some kind of severe adverse reaction to be drugged out of your mind, they will never admit they did this to you and God help you if you have no one around to tell you that the drug is fucking up your brain and you are appearing brain damaged.

Meanwhile, the system will bring in everyone from Police to DoCS/FaCS doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists (the best the country has to offer) will tell you to keep taking the drug even though they have had no prior knowledge of who you are they have their data bases to tell you everything about you, including that you have to stay drugged.

When you turn around and wake up to the fact you were drugged, you could have been raped and beaten, been through numerous court cases, lost your rental property and your children have been legally removed by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Your own actual legal problems that you attended the police for will effectively have been dumped because you will be called a person who does not come “In Good Faith” it seems that the services are all acting in good faith even if it is designed to destroy you and break up your family while everyone in the local and state government sector who becomes involved with you says your crazy.

My advice to women is to guard yourself, victims are not welcomed in mental health settings and are often drugged instead of the legal issues dealt with. Domestic Violence is a crime and the police are the only ones who can charge someone with DV if you want to get out of it.

Mental Health is not a system designed for people who do not fit the medical model. It is a system for Bi Polar and for Schizophrenia if you have a boring old PD you need to fix yourself. I have been repeatedly told this.

We have a system that wants to talk but not act on any information such as coming forward about paedophiles. The truth is mental health has records from abuse victims from the time they come into contact with the service. Why are these records not then used by police to start putting the people who cause so much destruction to our communities, away in gaols.

They use your mental health records at DoCS to remove your child in courts even though you have loved your child and looked after them often with greater care than a non victim because you are always aware of what is out there.

Why are records used against the victim not the perpetrator and how does a person going to a mental health service have any control of what is being written by the professional as an opinionated opinion? They don’t really know you. What about when the professional fails to write down what you have disclosed? Why would a professional not write down the name of the paedophile you exposed? Are they rules about that sort of thing?

Don’t go to mental health it is not providing the service you are made to believe it is.

Better to fight back at these systems who have disempowered you and your children.

Better to make friends with someone you think is having a rough time.

This is the whole of the issue, the breakdown of our families and our social interactions with others.

So many pschologists are dissatisfied with the system, and half of them are so crazy themselves they could do with the counselling.

The whole thing is set up to backfire on the clients, the unsuspecting client (who is obviously so sick they are asking for help) doesn’t even know the depth of what can happen to them by government civil servants.

People need to support people and stay away from pretend government services. At the end of the day all you have is yourself and your ability to step outside your door.

A real psychiatric facility system in Australia would have much greater governance and care attached to it if it was totally wholistic, and that is not hard to achieve, will provide jobs in mainstream and alternate sectors and support people who are ill. With abuse cases, mental health is the first stop to sorting the mess out, they should be working with the police to find out who the attacker was and remains, even in historical cases.

These agencies should be working together to help the people in the communities but instead they label victims troublemakers and by further abusing them medically and legally they send people insane. They then suicide or they end up homeless, or they live life in a dissociated state wondering how the hell the perpetrators have got off so much better than the victim themselves has, yet we are still told to come forward. Why?

Untill this is fixed there will be NO GOOD FAITH in the mental health system, there are serious flaws with criminal implications, I may have been sexually abused as a child and that has affected my neural connections but I am not fucking stupid.

Time to end the madness and reopen the psych centres that way you will catch the bad guys and the good people will be set free of the mental trauma they have been made to be persecuted by, simply for speaking out to some professional person they have trusted in.


But Wait Because There Is So Much More To The Inconsistency Of The Australian Government

Another Day in Paradise

‘plz help me..’Photo Courtesy of: ABC-TV

I HAD PLANNED to write about something completely different today. But a short, desperate, email from a young stranger changed all that.

I can’t get it out of my mind. It makes a mockery out of some of the pious bullshit that emanates from Canberra. And, just to share the blame and guilt, a mockery of some of the platitudes from pulpits and government departments.

It also makes expressions like ‘lifestyle choices’ sound downright obscene.

The letter from a young mother from a small community in this ‘lucky country’ graphically sums up, in a few words, one of the greatest scandals that has been buried for decades and is still being pussy-footed around by state and territory governments.

I’m talking about the sexual abuse of young indigenous girls and boys.  Little kids being raped by drunken brothers and fathers and uncles and cousins.  Few get reported and even less see the attacker behind bars.

fear of retribution

And when mothers try to protect their kids they themselves are often bashed senseless and live in a twilight world too scared to complain in  fear of retribution.

The  latest cry for help goes like this:

Dear Darren.

My name is xxxxx and I would like to start off with I love the work you do. I’m a young aboriginal woman in a small community that seems to hide the filthy pedos… My young 13-yr-old has been sexual abused from a 33yr old drunk man, and what make this even sick he knew my daughter had a disability and his mother want me to sweep it under the carpet like they do here but I’m fed up with the threats and my poor daughter had to move away from this town and leave all her friends behind plz help me…’

You can only imagine what solitary hell a young mother is going through when she writes to a total stranger with a ‘plz help me..’

I will try to find out more about where this happened but don’t hold out much hope that justice will prevail. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Goes on all the time… barely worth reporting…

It’s a lifestyle choice…


PM Tony Abbott Flies On Taxpayer-Funded Jet To Liberal Donor’s Birthday Bash At Huntingdale Golf Club

HS State News and Galleries

Mining magnate Paul Marks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: TONY GOUGH

Mining magnate Paul Marks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: TONY GOUGH Source: Supplied

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott used a taxpayer-funded RAAF plane to fly to Melbourne, where he attended the birthday party of mining millionaire and big Liberal donor Paul Marks.

Mr Abbott joined about 45 people for the birthday party at the exclusive Huntingdale Golf Club on Sunday night.

He started the day in Brisbane and flew to Sydney for the NSW Liberal election campaign launch with Premier Mike Baird before flying with a small group aboard the RAAF VIP plane to Melbourne.

Once he arrived at Huntingdale, the PM shed his tie and mingled with guests, enjoying crayfish and aged Wagyu beef with a glass of chardonnay. He also gave a speech in honour of Mr Marks.

His office defended the use of the VIP plane, with a spokesman advising: “The Prime Minister had other work-related engagements in Melbourne on Sunday. All travel was undertaken within the rules.’’

He did not answer questions on what the work engagements were.

Mr Marks is a major financial supporter of the Liberal Party.

Australian Electoral Commission returns shows he personally donated $250,000 to the federal Liberal Party in 2013-14, while his company, Nimrod Resources Limited, donated a further $500,000.

Mining magnate Paul Marks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: TONY GOUGH

Mining magnate Paul Marks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Picture: TONY GOUGH

Mr Marks declined to answer questions about the party, saying “yeah, so?’’ when the Herald Sun contacted him.

“When you have a birthday party it is a private affair. I don’t have any comment about anything,’’ he said.

Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert, who is based in Queensland, was also at the intimate gathering. He too gave a speech.

Mr Robert’s spokesman said: “Stuart was at a private function and if he attends a ­private function and there are travel costs involved, he pays for himself. No public money was expended on this private trip.’’

Independent senator Nick Xenophon said the use of the VIP plane was inappropriate if the private function was the primary reason for Mr Abbott’s visit to Melbourne.

“The Prime Minister needs to justify the expense to the Australian taxpayer, and if the justification doesn’t pass the pub test then he or the Liberal Party need to refund the cost of the VIP (plane),’’ he said.

The RAAF maintains several jets for Mr Abbott and senior ministers and VIPs, such as the Governor-General, to use.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s taxpayer-funded RAAF VIP plane.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s taxpayer-funded RAAF VIP plane.

The most recent Schedule of Special Purpose flights, which details the costs of the use of the jets, shows it costs about $4000 an hour to run.

The aircraft was used to bring Mr Abbott back to Canberra from Melbourne yesterday morning.

Staff at the Huntingdale Golf Club told the Herald Sun that Mr Abbott was “relaxed and friendly” at the function.

Seafood, including crayfish, featured heavily on the menu, and sparkling wine was circulated with the hors-d’oeuvres.

The club’s waiting staff, including one woman who posed for happy snaps with Mr Abbott and Mr Marks, talked excitedly about meeting the PM.

The golf club remained open to members during the function.

Security provided for Mr Abbott was discreet.

Last August, Mr Abbott was criticised after he told Coalition MPs he was running late because he had to schedule a last-minute visit to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne to justify taking the VIP plane down for a Liberal Party fundraiser.

Originally published as Tony Abbott’s very important party trip


NSW State Elections

I am looking at the options for the NSW Elections.

Mike Baird is the current NSW Liberal Leader facing an election for 2015.

Mike Baird is the current NSW Liberal Leader facing an election for 2015.

As part of that I went into the Greens office at Lismore. I asked what I could get involved with and was invited to a night of learning to be a Volunteer to Scrutineering.

The Greens Lismore Adam Guise

Adam Guise, The Greens Lismore NSW Vote 1 for CSG Free in the NSW State Election.

When I got there I really felt out of place, I tried to ask some questions about what other things the Greens get people involved in doing after the lecture on how to Scrutineer.

Then as the lecture became a practical exercise I couldn’t get near the table to do the exercise, which did not really matter because while it was being explained the fellow behind me gave comments and chatted to his female companions, so following the instructions for the exercise became difficult, considering I could hardly hear.

One lady in front of me did ask them to shut up, but the chatter continued.

Considering how sick I have been lately getting there was an exercise in itself but I was determined to go and see what happens in Greens politics, just like I would like to observe what happens with all the parties and gain a perspective on who I should vote for. I mean I did not even know who leads The NSW Greens.

Jan Barnum the Leader of The NSW Greens.

Jan Barnum the Leader of The NSW Greens.

As for voting, I received a fine for not voting last year in a Local Election. Therefore, I am determined now to vote for a party that would include my wants and needs within a society and where if I attend an event or a lecture and I attempt to speak with people and make the effort to know what the party is doing, I would get some constructive feedback or even be offered a way to get in and help to see the democratic voting process happening.

As for that fine, I never paid the fine, I send letters back to the state government and the fines defaced, with messages about paedophiles and the Child Protection Industry in NSW and the affect they are having on our vulnerable families. I think I also mentioned homelessness and a lack of occupation for people.

Eventually I screamed down the phone at a man who demanded I pay the fine, he hung up on me.

The reason I was screaming was because I was sent letters to say the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) would no longer be doing any business with me because I have not paid my fines.

The reason I would not pay the fine for not voting is because the Department of Community Services (DoCS) now FaCS, took my two daughters away in 2009.

I asked for ministerial help from all parties and was Scheduled and drugged instead of helped. My story is in part about Domestic Violence, but I am as my blog shows, definitely not defined by that.

I was eventually assisted by a wonderful woman within the RMS who adjusted the records to show I was indeed very ill when I missed the vote, however the pain of having the past recalled is still always a daunting exercise, as is trying to navigate who to vote for when you realise the levels of corruption that the public continues to live with and never questions.

What I am really continuously asking myself and what I mean is, do you come into great political power by using portfolios like being the NSW Minister for Community Services (DoCS) now (FaCS), or the Federal Minister for Education.

Meanwhile, we have public systems that are not functioning for people and are causing dysfunction in our society.

With Social Democrats as equal to blame as the Coalition for decrepit systems for children in both schools and society which fail our families, and with a bipartisan approach to bringing back Forced Adoption Agenda’s, how does someone like me vote?

These systems have failed our whole society and with our previous PM Julia Gillard beginning a Royal Commission that has shown us the very worst of the tax free Non Government Sector and the various religious groups being shown up as the abusers of the past, how does any thinking person not understand that these are great rorts still occurring in our country and using children as mere pawns for jobs that maim our community. Children are actually dying in the care of the ministers.

Linda Burney

The Hon Linda Burney, Deputy Leader of the current NSW Opposition for Labor, previously has been Minister for Women, 2009 and Minister for Community Services (DoCS) and continues as the Shadow Minister for Community Services. Listed as a definite walk in for the NSW Leadership had she been given the top job.

I have, to date, 2015 received no help in any form to aid me, classed as a trouble making mental health patient, to see my youngest child who is now 11. It will be six years this year since she was removed. Six years since my daughter has seen any of her siblings, or me.

I ended up with the 16 year old teenager back at home, demanding I help her. When I attempted to speak to police and DoCS about that it was ignored completely.

She will be 21 this year, my ideas of rehabilitation for all my family was purely education, with a faulty education system being where all the problems began.

I took my two middle children to TAFE each day in 2012 to complete the HSC equivalent. I had to do this as Domestic Violence, the Education Department, the Police and DoCS now FaCS, had destroyed their chances within the school system and what most consider normal.

I must say that bullying and teaching children abnormal ideas about sex, drugs and alcohol are not the ideas I want to see in an Education Department.

Julia Gillard Previously Labor Federal Education Minister and Labor PM

Julia Gillard Previously Labor Federal Education Minister and Labor PM

Well, yes back to the election.

I am looking at myself in the mirror and questioning what I stand for and what I don’t, I have made that rather clear on Facebook, and I have ignored the blogging process, and what I learnt in my IT studies as I spend hours scrolling through Facebook, reading the comments of Australians, and being directed by social media to what it wants me to see, and I guess sometimes also things it doesn’t want me to see.

Using a phone for Facebook is fairly limited and you get into poor habits with the addiction. The computer gives you a much greater view of what is going on with the social media giant and what it can do for you.

My Facebook Addiction has however made me start to realise a few options for where I stand with voting as has my experience. I will share them here.

1. Vote or be fined.
2. Don’t pay the fine and you loose all your rights to government services in NSW.
3. Don’t vote and you can go to gaol.
4. I am social, maybe even a social democrat.
5. Greens are the only party that will ban CSG mining so we can keep our waterways clean.
6. Our waterways are not clean, most are full of weeds and cow shit.
7. The Greens have a great deal of young educated people in there, who can be disruptive of the greater good, in areas such as learning, but this is how they protest, and protest is a necessity within the Green movement.
8. The Labor Party has a lot of older (my age) Australians in residence, however there are many fractions in the Labor Party and that is a good thing but can also be a difficulty, with the leanings within going to the Left and Right, within the Left.
9. There is a Country Labor Party.
10. As an environmental thinking person with a Diploma in Natural Resource Management, and much else, in other certificates obtained in 2012, after applying for thousands of jobs, and still unemployed, living in poverty with my children removed so others could profit, I feel very marginalised by all the major parties and I think I could do better and treat people better than the current selection.

Having done everything wrong in my life and striving to do everything right but never getting there, I think my main issue is looking after those who are sick, and those who are mentally ill.

I think that part of that process is to give people occupation, that gives the people rewards for the service they give or the job they do.

People who have reduced capacity to “live in the community” should be cared for in a caring setting such as that of the Psychiatric Facilities that used to be a part of the community.

The idea of drugging and setting people loose without any after care, within the community needs to be challenged.

The idea of social housing being a feeding ground for social dysfunction and for the mentally ill to be left in jobless isolation, needs to be reconsidered.

The Hon Gabrielle Cecelia Upton MP current NSW Minister for Family and Community Services including the Department of Housing, in the Baird Liberal government since April 2014 and the member for Vaucluse. Previous Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The Hon Gabrielle Cecelia Upton MP current NSW Minister for Family and Community Services including the Department of Housing, in the Baird Liberal government since April 2014 and the member for Vaucluse. Previous Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The availability and utilisation of all the facilities in NSW that can be a starting ground towards functional communities must be addressed. There is no point in empty government buildings sitting idol, when people need to be learning and occupied.

I would definitely reduce the services that I see failing our society, and I would not stop to punish people who have been removing children from their parents, siblings and homes without valid reasons, and where children have died in the care of the Minister of Community Services.

Pru Goward Current Minister For Planning NSW

The Hon Pru Goward, current NSW Minister for Planning. Previously, was the Minister for Family and Community Services (FaCS).

False accusations and denigrations of parents for who they were in the past or what has happened to a person in the past, would be illegal to appear in affidavits condemning a parent.

It would also be illegal to share information that would be harmful to a persons mental health unless there is a definite risk of harm, in which case the police would come in and press charges on the parent in question and the issues of the case would proceed to criminal court like any other assault.

I would definitely hold the Federal Minister of Human Services accountable for deaths of Australian Children and the Prime Minister must be accountable for deaths in care.

I would be seeking punishments in the courts.

I would also envisage that Child Protection Industry workers are placed into uniforms nation wide, similar to the police uniform, so that people understand that their job is to remove children not to help people who have asked for help, or to promote the Best Interests of the Child, when in fact most DoCS/FaCS workers are preserving their own jobs and credibility as well as creating an industry designed to meet targets, which employs a plethora of extras from Non Government Sector to the Family and Children’s Courts procession of professionals.

It needs to be understood that the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) are the current governments Children’s Police however they are currently unregistered as a profession and show no identity to the misinformed public of what the job actually entails.

Last words are that the Family Courts and the Children’s Courts are required to open the doors, if you are going to come forward in an atmosphere where honesty matters and is imperative, then you should not have to hide your identity or be in fear of the perpetrator.

It is time to no longer be silenced or live in a secret shame because you have been abused, assaulted or taken for a ride by someone. These matters have financial implications due to the Child Support Agency, which gives great concerns as to the infighting between parents that can end up as DoCS matters.

Politics must be free of the current corrupt behaviours experienced by the community at legal levels, that means addressing social and human services issues, that are currently just riding the wave and employing some.

Corrupt long term practices, as are being seen in the media, within the practices of Labor and the LNP and the current Human Services provisions for our people within our communities must be addressed now.

Jenny Macklin

Previous Labor Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Served in the Ministries of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Previously Deputy Leader of the Labor Party. Current Shadow Minister for Disability Reform.

As a Social Democrat having to vote Green so we can protect our country from CSG, and because of these other issues over the years, I find myself with only one definite answer to having to vote and that is do not vote for The Australian Liberal Party, and its cohorts The Australian National Party and do not vote for The Australian Labor Party regardless of how sad that makes me because they did nothing to protect my children when I asked them for help as a Labor voter.