Tamborine Mountain

Tambourine Mountain, South East QLD, April 2012

KMO’Brien, April 2012

The South East Queensland chain of mountains, plateaus and peaks to the west and south of Brisbane is often referred to as the Scenic Rim. These areas take in Tamborine Mountain, Lamington Plateau, The Mc Pherson Range, Main Range and culminate in a circle at Mt Barney.

There is a choice of National Parks starting to the east with the Lamington National Park across to the Border Ranges National Park and circling to the West is the Mt Barney National Park.

These National Parks encompass a range of landscapes and ecological diversity, taking the nature enthusiast from wet sub tropical ecosystems to closed forest, open forest and open farmlands with dulating steep hills and low level floodplain with rising open basalt tors, left over from volcanic histories, that now encourage mountainclimbers.

A range of walks exists within each park with some of these designed for the day tripper and others requiring futher planning to those that are designed for the well planned overnight stayer and mountaineer and absailing enthusiasts.

Temperatures in the summer months are warm ranging in the high 30′s to much cooler in the wintermonths at night, although daytime temperatures remain comfortable.

Whether planning a day trip excursion to one of the parks or a longer stay we encourage trekkers to think about supplies, typically an adventurer might make a simple list of:

  • water
  • food
  • sunscreen
  • appropriate clothing/jacket
  • hat
  • mosquito repellant
  • small blanket to sit on
  • wet weather poncho
  • swimming costume
  • towel
  • camera

and off course your camera. Always when walking think about your clothing and your shoes, are they appropriate for where you are going, for longer sojourns you will need to adapt the types of clothing and food and off course you will need a tent and a sleeping bag

As you ascend to the top of Mt Tambourine the reason for the name, Scenic Rim becomes quite obvious, it is litterally like standing on the rim of a gigantic mountain. Interestingly enough thrillseekers take to the edge to take flight in hang gliders and soar with the eagles on a regular basis, the local hang gliding club can be contacted for more information for those inclined.

KMO’Brien, April, 2012


This walk takes you through a World Heritage Area, you pass through an amazing display of strangler figs, reaching up to ephiphites and a canopy that excludes the sky. Occassional displays of light glisten off the palms and drip down to the earth, the smell is glorious, fresh and yet decayed.


Lavish, rich, moist, covered in a green cool natural roof yet outside the heat is stiffling. Walking towards the ocean, sand underfoot, litterally the forest surrounds you, saved by the people for the people and protected forever or until swallowed by the ever changing coastline.


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