Behind the Gold Coast Hinterland is a wonderfully awesome national treasure. The Lamington National Park is a sub tropical wonderland that offers those who enjoy trekking an easy and enjoyable day walk. Giant strangler figs reach up to the sky and incredible buttress rootssupport ancient tall rainforest trees.


I would recommend this 5km circuit walk to any one with an intermediate fitness level. The downhill leg is more than easy and the entrancing sensation makes it easy to move alone the path. The waterfall is enticing and there are excellent photographic opportunities along the way. The view out towards the city is interesting because you feel as though you are in a remote location. As you begin the uphill return you begin to realise how steep the climb actually is however it is not a hard walk and the path is well defined, the steps at the end are the ultimate test of your fitness, it is realistically an easy walk, and there were people with babies and young children enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the awesome remnant rainforest in the Lamington National Park on this day. 



The McPherson Ranges, QLD, headwaters for the Clarence River NSW,

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I live on the beautiful Far North Coast of NSW, Australia, I moved here from Sydney when I was 28 years old with 3 small children. I had a multitude of ideals, dreams and hopes but I soon discovered that the reality of country life was not like my fantasy world I had created.

My working background before children had offered me some fantastic experiences and I was privilaged to work as an administrator within some major corporations at a time when gaining employment was a much simpler process than it is today.

I have always enjoyed photography however I never understood exactly what one can actually do with a camera, for me, photos were about good times shared with friends and containing the memories to share again some time, as I progressed to having my children it was almost like record keeping and the photo albums grew.

Over the years of my teens I developed my own artistic sense, I spent long hours drawing and later playing with words when I enrolled in a visual merchandising and display course with my local technical college. School art classes were a non event as they were competitive and seemed to be associated with cool kids with older siblings who had already done well in the course, my temperament and disgust at particular features of organisation and distinctions of these classes, left me less than excited at what I was offered as an individual student. I fought with my art teacher and spent time outside in the hallway due to my behaviour or my opposition to her traditional artistic beliefs.

Over the years I continued with my drawing and wordplay, and I found great comfort in working in my gardens in four different social housing homes I was priviliged to live in, I designed and landscaped each garden and took great pride in my work. It was in 1996 that I began to do a ceramics course with TAFE in Grafton and this was where I discovered there was a great deal more to art than I was ever exposed to I learnt about design, colour, perspective and how to manipulate substance and change chemical structure, these were enjoyable productive years.

In 2002, I changed my studies to natural resource management and gained my diploma in my field, while working with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service again however art came into play, this time photography began to be used as evidence of land evalutions, it had a purpose. I also created a series of drawings for part of an assessment for animal taxonomy which was far beyond the scope of the initial purpose of the course but a most enjoyable exercise considering my background. In 2003 I gave birth once again at 36 years old within a new relationship which found me studying a diploma, and moving across state to WA with 3 kids, a baby and a dog to support my new partners career choice. It was here that I was offered the chance to see and photograph one of the worlds biodiversity hotspots for the Dept of Environment and Conservation while working as a terrestrial ecologist, I also worked for the National Landcare program and had the oportunity to teach ceramics at TAFE.

Skip forward a few years and I moved back to NSW where I was again privilaged to reside in the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau on the Great Dividing Range to right now where I am in the process of learning new skills and enhancing and upgrading older ones in the awesome and inspiring Clarence Valley.

I am very interested in New Media and technology, and I am studying administration programming and accounting but my true purpose in life lies in the ecological processes defined and undefined, and human evolutionary impact caused by industrialisation and disorganised urbanisation and regionalisation on the human psych.

On my days off and during holiday periods I get out to the awesome and inspiring National Park treasures that Australia has to offer to photograph and describe each experience with fresh eyes and the knowing that each day is a new day, each moment is the only moment and that the present is a gift worth receiving and of course sharing.



From The Rim of the World to 8 weeks

We are back to the daily grind and into the studies after our first break of the year at TAFE. Hopefully everyone had a great Easter and went easy on the chocolates. It was a good break in my household with my daughter and I travelling to Queensland and enjoying some time in the big cities of Brisbane and the Gold Coast and my treking companion and I getting out to see some of the natural beauty of South East Queensland while my teenage daughter caught up on her sleep.

Our trek took us to Mt Tambourine where we walked a 5km circuit to see Camerons Falls. Having not done a walk in quite a while, it was good to get the circulation moving through the body. On the way we stopped to watch the hang gliders taking off from the top of the caldera, as this guy launched himself off the rim an eagle joined him then another and another until he was circling around in the updrafts with six wedge tailed eagles playfully spiralling around him. I can only imagine the exhiliaration he felt and the sense of self as he glided with wild animals of the highest predatory order.

We spent another day travelling out west to the head of the Clarence River in the McPherson Ranges, it was a different type of ecosystem to the one above, much dryer as we drove out passed Beaudesert through farmlands of maize, to find small creeks in places with strange names like Lamington and even stranger looking landscapes like Mt Barney. Australia is an awesome country with unique and diverse landscapes that provide so many opportunities for the imagination to stretch out and seek the adventurer within each one of us. I love this country.

Being told to move when you are half way through a post

Sun behind Cloud

It's Cloud Illusion

So I began my experience with WordPress and I was happily blogging away about my new experience at TAFE and how much I like this whole New Media technology. My mind was contemplating all the things I can do now with this knowledge and happily racing off in a million directions and how this can bring so much into line for me now.


Along comes Mr Spoil It and tells me to move, when like, I’ve got ten things open and I am doing them all at once and happily interacting away in my virtuality….

Well its a sad day when things that are like a foreign language are explained in the morning then when you want to put it into practise in the afternoon there is not enough computers or rooms with full function to go around. Sort of wastes the moment that could have been and sends you home empty and thinking, have I really learnt anything? After all the effort it takes to get there?


I guess if I didn’t learn anything I wouldn’t be writing here, right here right now….

So, I have to swallow my interupted thoughts long enough to realise that patience is a virtue. We live in a world that gives us instant gratification and we have been conditioned to it, we expect things right here right now. We feel ripped off when someone interupts us or in my case if I don’t think I am “getting it” immediately.

This is what we expect from New Media. The ultimate in instant gratification.

So, although I want it now I will just refresh and take time to listen, to distance, and be grateful that I did learn something today and tomorrow I will be even better.

Still though, when he told me to move, I pressed “save” on my first blogg and I cant find it now. For Gods sake can someone tell me where that blogg went I’ve been here forever looking for it and I want it now…..



Laughing even louder today because I found it, and I feel like Im a little bit simple