Points In The Compass

Points In The Compass

Points In The Compass

30th August 2013

Points in the compass and moments of time

Things happening in the drift of life

Driving for days across the desert

From one side of the country to the other

East to West

Then back again

West to East

Heading North on questions of restraint

Captivity of children and parents of people

Of individuals

Being Born and Dying



Sufferance of deceptions through love

Women who love too much

And men


Once I went to a party and I had a good time

That time was fine

Then I grew up

Into a dream that was good

A dream that went somewhere else

I am always grateful for my experiences in life

I am grateful for the people I have known and for my family

There is no regret even in great sadness or loss

There is only that experience and the fact that it happened

The world does not run well on feelings.

And we are living in a world gone mad.

Where justice is there for the villains

And the heroes soon turn

Those knights on white horses that were only dreams

Then you wake up and they are gone.

Once men were men and it was okay for them to be men

Once women were women and it was okay for them to be women.

Babies used to come from a woman and a man

In love and lust

The world on steroids is only a world for those who take them

Encrusted Earth, in a miscellaneous universe.

With no room for regrets and test tubes for babies to get women pregnant at 50.

So soon a baby will come from even more sterile places and women will no longer be vessels.

They will just go to work and support the economy.

This is technology and this is equality and this is what people want

To have homes and televisions and computers.

You can’t drift in life you have to be compelled and driven.

Planes move faster than cars

While oceans fill up with plastic

The trees grow and are removed

Forests get felled and cities become decrepit some fall into the sea like Atlantis

The people breathe and they cross lifespans

They pray to their Gods to fulfil all their needs,

Some prayers get answered while others don’t.

In hindsight all we see in anything is movement

Points in the compass and moments in time.



Getting The Ball Rolling

Monday 26th August 2013

Here I am, a new day.

Getting The Ball Rolling

Making decisions is sometimes a very hard task for people. Decisions can be life changing and the older you get the scarier that thought is.

Today I made the decision to start a new blog.

Well why not I thought, all that training last year in Information Technology going to waste.

Not that I really learnt that much in IT.

It seems the thing about IT is that it is IT and you get on line and teach yourself.

Now that is an interesting thing, it is kind of like once you enter tertiary education, you have to take responsibility for your own learning.

It is funny that we pay for education but we have to teach ourselves.

Are teachers then getting paid just to give you a mark based on their opinion?

It leaves then many people behind because in the real world not everyone learns the same or understands the same.

In the internet world or the ether realms what does this mean?

For some people learning is a cognitive reaction, some days are better than others, but life is really like that for everyone, who hasn’t had “an unproductive day” in their life?

So, back to the ether world, sorry the internet world.

It is pretty easy to spend your time Googling around only to find yourself lost in loads of information that is either not relevant or that you don’t comprehend.

At times I find some interesting piece of information only to realise hours later that I have not done a thing I should have been studying. It is almost funny except it is a waste of time and has not gotten me anywhere near my goal or outcome.

Sometimes, I know exactly that I should be spending my time learning to code or enter into some backdoor using some system but I am far too busy imagining how my page should look or how to compose what I want to say in an interesting fashion.

Who needs code when you have CMS’s anyway?

I hear the tech heads laughing and calling me names now.

I think I may be only halfway to being a Nerd because I am really not that trendy.

Yes, Nerdy is the new trend for today, I mean who can live without it, tech is the new fashion trend for existence. Who can live without it?

It is just how it is.

Well I have been suffering from a very deep depression, called a million 1800 numbers but it seems all they can say is “what do you want us to do”?

I want to start revolutions, I want to express my ideas and have them heard, I want change.

I want a New World Age where everyone is able and capable and can “have”.

I want to just say:

There Is Enough for Everyone Including Me

I am feeling this now, I am living this now.

I am teaching myself.

The more I teach myself the more I am able to grasp concepts that the universe presents me with.

I never got very far in my Diploma for IT but I learnt so much in many other ways this year.

Today I will recognise that and the year is far from over.

Thank you Life for your lessons.

Thank you Mother Earth for your beauty.

Thank you for all my teachers teaching me to teach myself.

It truely is a wonderful world that we have to learn from.

I have been away from my website for a long time.

I paid my teacher for one on a server and it never got paid and it’s gone dead.

Nevermind teacher.

I teach myself.

What even is my website and will it let me in?

I am getting closer to free.

Now I just need to find a nice picture.

Now I just need to be hooked up to the net.

Ok I am remembering how to do this thing and I will see you soon…..

I am back and…


Now that is making ittoolsfornewmedia.

That is a reflection on new media.

Getting The Ball Rolling