Lightening Fire

Lightening Strikes

I see there are no boundaries for New Media.

When any limitation does occur there is an immediate response by the technologically evolved community to jump beyond expectation and grow further out of old thoughts.

I see myself evolving.

I see ways and means to use so many of my new ideas and bring my past studies and experiences to a new place very quickly.

There is an omnipresence.

I photograph my thoughts, my views, and present what the experience is, in that moment as a virtual view.

I see life as a moment in time, to capture the moments and bring it together means there is no loss.

This can impact and change the reality that exists in the real world.

The importance is immense, using New Media to change how we see the world.

My interests are in human evolution, the natural environment, the impact of the built environment, and supporting people who are affected by detrimental governments world wide and providing ideas for change.


Jacaranda Time


Skys filled with purple haze glistening off the clouds, Beautiful beautiful river how you have always filled my heart

Water flowing endless supply, Endless gratitude for your existance and for life,

In the Clarence, On the floodplain, symbiotic, growing, movement of time,

Yet standing still for just a moment of  experiencing November at Ulmarra.


 IT Tools for New Media

Digital photography in the Grafton Anglican Cathedral on a Tuesday

Applied the photos to the computer via download

Applied Adobe photoshop above is the before

Below will be the after Adobe photoshop

Created digital images for new media!!!!


World Heritage Walk
Come with me into the wild

You have come to the right place 

To discover new ideas for the new world.

You are here

 Here is where I have been waiting

Just for you.

Take a closer look

Walk through my site.

 Come on in and enjoy this journey with me.




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