From here to there and then back here again

I’m sitting in the library writing this today. It is a wonderful building that has expanded since I was last a TAFE student. It is pretty cold in here though becaue there is a good deal of high tech machinery that lives in here.

We don’t have any digital media classes for the next four weeks on a Tuesday, and there is just one more week before the Easter Holidays begin, I am meant to be working on my Spreedsheets for Excel, doing MYOB and working on my Webpage.

Instead I have spent all morning lost in a New Media experience or more like fifty of them. I have been viewing subliminal movies using digital technologies to empower self. It is really amazing what humans are doing with this new era of knowledge and mind expansion with the power of social media bases like utube behind the movement, as we move further away from paper sources for our learning we are getting our messages from visual, subliminal, conscious, sound, all while looking around the room we are sitting in at the same time. For me this morning, funnily enough, at a room filled with books.

Last night I looked at the timeline since the eighties of where we have travelled with computer technologies to get to the point we are at now. The eighties was the point of realisation of what the future was going to give to people on a very personal technological level, there must have been some very visionary people within that ideology. It was a view of the modern to the postmodern and the entry of neo liberal globalisation into this postmodern world. I think in terms of art at this point and it is very easy to bring this over to the mix, and from there see what New Media is and how powerful and converse a tool it is for any organisation or business, and for use in our personal lives. IT is impowering in itself. Then, from the personal computer, in this new era of postmodernism, we can see how technology evolved into a sharing concept which is where we are at today.

This constitutes my New Media experience this morning, where New Age meets New Media in a powerful medium to spread an inherant message of yes, you can do, yes you get to choose, likewise I have seen similar used to spread the word of God. Therefore, as a New Age concept, if the river of life is Source, then the rivers of technology streaming in live are a multiple Powersource to facilitate life in this postmodern world. There is multiple revelations in this itself. 

What New Media does, is allow us to see an ever expanding source, that allows us to create an informed society that can choose what it wishes to concieve as reality by exercising self  control within choice. We can choose what we look at rather than have images and issues thrust onto us, we can look up what we want and most critically we can do this when we want. We are given the ulimate in free choice. The only limits for some people are what we can afford in financial terms, but the great thing is the more availability that comes into the market the more people have, again, choices as to what they can view and do. Wanting something enough makes people go search for what they need and desire.

So, I’m asking myself today, with purpose:

  • What do I want?
  • What do I desire?
  • What do I need to feel completely happy?

This relates to our projects for IT tools for new media.  The project is to make a Webpage, starting by using a storybook, and I think the three questions above will be tantamount to making any Webpage a good one.

River of Life



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