Queensland Rivers

Bremer River

Bremer River

It has been quite a while since I visited my blog life has been very up and down and I have given up the computer studies and moved to Brisbane City. I have gotten work in a variety of kitchens and also doing some cleaning.

It has been an interesting journey, with starts, stops and starts again. Christmas and New Year were very slow. I have learnt a great deal about this kind of work and who gets to work and also about how the Australian Jobnetwork works. It has also been a painful journey, in that this type of work is hard on the body, hard on the legs and feet, to the point at times of exhaustion. I am not whinging, I have enjoyed to met other people and to learn these new skills, however I also am learning a lot about myself and my own abilities and also the things I have trouble with because of my personality disorder. I am indeed an eccentric at times but also extremely self aware, I notice in work places many people would not even be able to contemplate, let alone believe or understand the things I have seen and been through in my life. Some days I feel very old.

As for my great adventures, my ideas on our environment and my photography, well I have a lot to say about phone companies, new plans, and new phones but not today. The reality is that we have been on a couple of drives west of Brisbane, and studied two rivers, The Bremer and the Heads of the Murray Darling at Stanthorpe within the Girraween National Park. We have also spent two lovely weekends down at the Tweed but unfortunately the photos left with the defective phone I sent back to Optus. You live and you learn. I am back to using a Sony, Xperia this time although yet to upload my pictures with my new phone as I seem to have had all my technological equipment break down at the end of last year. Living – learning, right?

I promised myself last year to spend more time travelling, learning and blogging and hence sharing my experiences but really I have been feeling very sad for lots of reasons, and I have found out that my heart is indeed broken. Well I will as always keep surviving and take time out to get out into the environment and take some pictures to share.

It’s all good!



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