Points In The Compass

Points In The Compass

Points In The Compass

30th August 2013

Points in the compass and moments of time

Things happening in the drift of life

Driving for days across the desert

From one side of the country to the other

East to West

Then back again

West to East

Heading North on questions of restraint

Captivity of children and parents of people

Of individuals

Being Born and Dying



Sufferance of deceptions through love

Women who love too much

And men


Once I went to a party and I had a good time

That time was fine

Then I grew up

Into a dream that was good

A dream that went somewhere else

I am always grateful for my experiences in life

I am grateful for the people I have known and for my family

There is no regret even in great sadness or loss

There is only that experience and the fact that it happened

The world does not run well on feelings.

And we are living in a world gone mad.

Where justice is there for the villains

And the heroes soon turn

Those knights on white horses that were only dreams

Then you wake up and they are gone.

Once men were men and it was okay for them to be men

Once women were women and it was okay for them to be women.

Babies used to come from a woman and a man

In love and lust

The world on steroids is only a world for those who take them

Encrusted Earth, in a miscellaneous universe.

With no room for regrets and test tubes for babies to get women pregnant at 50.

So soon a baby will come from even more sterile places and women will no longer be vessels.

They will just go to work and support the economy.

This is technology and this is equality and this is what people want

To have homes and televisions and computers.

You can’t drift in life you have to be compelled and driven.

Planes move faster than cars

While oceans fill up with plastic

The trees grow and are removed

Forests get felled and cities become decrepit some fall into the sea like Atlantis

The people breathe and they cross lifespans

They pray to their Gods to fulfil all their needs,

Some prayers get answered while others don’t.

In hindsight all we see in anything is movement

Points in the compass and moments in time.



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