Protecting The Vulnerable On The Internet

Tuesday 27th August 2013

Sometimes things happen that send shockwaves through our neuro endocrine system and lay in our central nervous systems forever.

It is an interesting fact that we can be exposed to things at a young age and throughout our lives that other people will hold our experiences against us.

The internet however opens up a whole other sphere for a person to remain vulnerable.

How do we protect ourselves from this, really, and can we?

Protecting The Vulnerable On The Internet

Protecting The Vulnerable On The Internet

Is it time for me to get back to my affirmations?

I am safe,
I am well,
I am safe.

How about you?

Are you safe?

Well at some point after the stress reactions and fear escalation you come back to Earth, with the same answer.

That answer is you never really know.

You never really know what another person is thinking or what they will do.

All you can do is trust.

Trust in the universe that you are safe and protected and all is well.

I was told that life is not all about how you feel and that it is about how you act.

I guess that meant when you feel something that is not good and is not going to make others feel good, that you mustn’t tell.

Oh dear, you mustn’t tell.

Look where that little sentence got me.

I told, and I am still being told to shut up and put up.

There is only one problem.

My reaction is one called “post trauma” and that is what people don’t like or understand.

I know there are so many with compassion and love in their hearts in the world.

I am grateful for these people.

Even though I understand I have lost my connection at times of stress, I still understand “care”.

I still have a great comprehension of the word “protection”.

I am so sorry.

So the internet, my all that is left, my voice, my expression, my therapy until there is no more coal or money left.

My reunion with youth and wellness, sadness and gladness, whoops I am feeling again.

I guess you have to speak out in order to protect.

Then you have to be able to get that message across to the people who are ready and willing to act in their public service.

That friend’s is the difficult part.

How do you bring morality and discipline, to a very broken situation?

How do you go about finding justice and changing situations that nobody wants to talk about?

Well I have a small part of the answer, just a small part.

You blog!!!!!


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