Behind the Gold Coast Hinterland is a wonderfully awesome national treasure. The Lamington National Park is a sub tropical wonderland that offers those who enjoy trekking an easy and enjoyable day walk. Giant strangler figs reach up to the sky and incredible buttress rootssupport ancient tall rainforest trees.


I would recommend this 5km circuit walk to any one with an intermediate fitness level. The downhill leg is more than easy and the entrancing sensation makes it easy to move alone the path. The waterfall is enticing and there are excellent photographic opportunities along the way. The view out towards the city is interesting because you feel as though you are in a remote location. As you begin the uphill return you begin to realise how steep the climb actually is however it is not a hard walk and the path is well defined, the steps at the end are the ultimate test of your fitness, it is realistically an easy walk, and there were people with babies and young children enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the awesome remnant rainforest in the Lamington National Park on this day. 


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