From The Rim of the World to 8 weeks

We are back to the daily grind and into the studies after our first break of the year at TAFE. Hopefully everyone had a great Easter and went easy on the chocolates. It was a good break in my household with my daughter and I travelling to Queensland and enjoying some time in the big cities of Brisbane and the Gold Coast and my treking companion and I getting out to see some of the natural beauty of South East Queensland while my teenage daughter caught up on her sleep.

Our trek took us to Mt Tambourine where we walked a 5km circuit to see Camerons Falls. Having not done a walk in quite a while, it was good to get the circulation moving through the body. On the way we stopped to watch the hang gliders taking off from the top of the caldera, as this guy launched himself off the rim an eagle joined him then another and another until he was circling around in the updrafts with six wedge tailed eagles playfully spiralling around him. I can only imagine the exhiliaration he felt and the sense of self as he glided with wild animals of the highest predatory order.

We spent another day travelling out west to the head of the Clarence River in the McPherson Ranges, it was a different type of ecosystem to the one above, much dryer as we drove out passed Beaudesert through farmlands of maize, to find small creeks in places with strange names like Lamington and even stranger looking landscapes like Mt Barney. Australia is an awesome country with unique and diverse landscapes that provide so many opportunities for the imagination to stretch out and seek the adventurer within each one of us. I love this country.


Be Kind To Yourself

Somewhere Over the Rainbow



Everyday, I have a choice

To Be or Not To Be,

Positive and Grateful.

Everyday I choose life,

I create a great attitute towards my existance.

My actions and my reactions affect others around me.

Today I will smile at life, into my heart and my mind.

I have that choice!

There is enought for everyone including me.

My positivity is good for others.

Joyous loving thoughts are my birthright!