New Media March 2012


The calm before the cyclone

We are progressing through the beginning weeks of TAFE IT Tools for New Media. Classes are Monday and Tuesday.

It is a small class and there is a mixed bag of students, some people have a good deal of computer skills others have a bit less.

So far what has been impressed upon my imagination are the following ideas:

New Media is spreading ideas of imagery. It is limitless. It is formitive. It is cumulative. New Media pushes boundaries.

Once you begin to search the possibilites you quickly realise they are endless and encompass everything that is life.

Every thought that is possible can be used for New Media, everything is a concept.

I love the peace that comes with this it is like what I told my children when they were growing up. “You can do anything in life, you are born into a world that offers endless opportunities”.

The only difference is that now I can see them as well, I am so glad to grasp this knowledge, and excited about what humans will accomplish in the future through the use of New Technologies and the application of New Media.

In the eye of the storm


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