Being told to move when you are half way through a post

Sun behind Cloud

It's Cloud Illusion

So I began my experience with WordPress and I was happily blogging away about my new experience at TAFE and how much I like this whole New Media technology. My mind was contemplating all the things I can do now with this knowledge and happily racing off in a million directions and how this can bring so much into line for me now.


Along comes Mr Spoil It and tells me to move, when like, I’ve got ten things open and I am doing them all at once and happily interacting away in my virtuality….

Well its a sad day when things that are like a foreign language are explained in the morning then when you want to put it into practise in the afternoon there is not enough computers or rooms with full function to go around. Sort of wastes the moment that could have been and sends you home empty and thinking, have I really learnt anything? After all the effort it takes to get there?


I guess if I didn’t learn anything I wouldn’t be writing here, right here right now….

So, I have to swallow my interupted thoughts long enough to realise that patience is a virtue. We live in a world that gives us instant gratification and we have been conditioned to it, we expect things right here right now. We feel ripped off when someone interupts us or in my case if I don’t think I am “getting it” immediately.

This is what we expect from New Media. The ultimate in instant gratification.

So, although I want it now I will just refresh and take time to listen, to distance, and be grateful that I did learn something today and tomorrow I will be even better.

Still though, when he told me to move, I pressed “save” on my first blogg and I cant find it now. For Gods sake can someone tell me where that blogg went I’ve been here forever looking for it and I want it now…..



Laughing even louder today because I found it, and I feel like Im a little bit simple


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